Adare Manor

Adare Manor (Ireland)
2nd Prize

The natural, built and heritage assets of Adare Manor Estate provide several contrasting landscape typologies. Recent developments significantly improved the character and restored key views.

The arboretum as a heritage feature has been supplemented with new trees. The ‘white’ Ballroom Garden is bursting with flowering plants set amongst an evergreen structure. Spring bulbs are followed by drifts of herbaceous plants, contrasted by sculptural topiary cones and columns. The Secret Garden is shaped by neat hedging and pleached Carpinus betulus trees and bordered by shade-loving plants. The River Walk has been enhanced with seating in hedged and planted niches.

The Formal Garden with its ornate parterre was restored using Taxus baccata to create decorative patterns referencing the original layout. Six topiary cones measuring 5m in height frame the view. Below are 32 smaller cones to create a dynamic composition. The western side of the garden is defined by Fagus sylvatica, hedging and sculpted topiary archways.