Gardens of the World – Centre of International Garden and Landscape Design

Gardens of the World offers visitors a memorable and varied experience of international garden design from different ages and regions. Traditions going back thousands of years encounter contemporary landscape design from five continents here. Whether Oriental, Asian, Australian, South American, African or European, the garden is a place of peace, beauty and happiness in all cultures of the world. This common characteristic can be seen in the most varied kinds of gardens around the globe – and in the elaborately designed Gardens of the World in Berlin.

Ten traditional themed gardens, nine small contemporary show gardens and numerous further attractions on an area covering 43 hectares invite visitors to embark on a gardening journey around the world and through time. A high point here was the International Garden Exhibition (IGA) in Berlin in 2017.

Gardens of the World doesn’t just offer the chance to sail into the grounds by cable car, to experience an open-air concert in the Arena and to travel to the South Seas with Konrad (a character in a children’s book by Erich Kästner). It offers much more to younger and older visitors.

Gardens of the World, located in northeastern Berlin, is a unique centre of traditional and contemporary international garden and landscape design. The origins of the Gardens date back to 1987, when the first sections of the site were designed for the Berlin Garden Show (BEGA).

The opening of the Chinese “Garden of the Reclaimed Moon” in 2000 laid the foundation stone for further development as Gardens of the World. Built with original materials, this garden enables visitors to embark on a journey through time to ancient China.

It was followed by the Japanese “Garden of Merging Water”, a place of meditation. In the same year, the Balinese “Garden of Three Harmonies” was created. Located in the new energy-efficient tropical building, it shows a section of a traditional Balinese residential compound.

The Oriental “Garden of Four Streams” with the “Reception Hall” transports visitors into the world of One Thousand and One Nights.

Together with rocks and plants, water is a decisive design feature of the natural garden area in the Korean “Seoul Garden”.

One of the biggest attractions is the hedge maze. Like the neighbouring paved labyrinth, it invites visitors to try to reach the centre.

The magnificent perennials and grasses of the Karl Foerster perennial garden reflect the work of the famous perennial grower.

To the west is the Italian Renaissance Garden, one of the earliest examples of garden design in Europe.

The Christian Garden becomes part of the dialogue of cultures in Gardens of the World through the texts of its golden ambulatory.

Another attraction is the English cottage garden, which opened in April 2017. This garden is integrated into the overall grounds by its traditional design, sight lines and visual interplays as well as by extensive lawns and meadows.

A wide range of opportunities for recreation, play and adventure in a landscape environment are offered by the expansive shaped and intensively managed lawns of the flower valley along with the park meadows and their valuable extensive biological diversity. The park meadow gives visitors the opportunity to experience the flowering world of a near-natural meadow under various local conditions as well as the diversity of insects such as butterflies, bees and beetles.

Opened in 2017, the small international show gardens use multi-faceted and highly sophisticated methods to present and link various ways of designing and utilising trees, plants, materials, water and art. Each of the gardens has a unique character and invites visitors on a trip around the world: from Australia to the Lebanon, from Great Britain via Thailand and China to Africa, Brazil and America.

The element of water is to the fore in the “Promenade aquatica”. It invites visitors on a journey of the senses, passing through areas with bubbling springs, along by the contemplative lotus pond and on to the waterfall and the mysterious garden of mists.

All visitors to the water playground are invited to come along on “Konrad’s Journey to the South Seas”. The adventure playground links top-quality equipment and exciting play options with the element of water. Children and adults are prompted to go on adventures in a planned near-natural landscape.

Within these magnificent new gardens lies the Arena – the stage of which has a grass roof. This venue is an amphitheatre with a very special charm. Visitors to events can sit on grass steps on several levels. The nearby visitor and conference centre provides comprehensive information about Gardens of the World. An exhibition shows the chronological history of the Gardens.

Restaurants and cafés with a focus on Asian and European cuisine can be found on the extensive grounds.

A must-have extra experience is a ride in the cable car. The 360-degree view enables visitors to experience the Gardens from above and to enjoy a variety of impressions.

Gärten der Welt

Blumberger Damm 44
12685 Berlin


Owner / Management: Grün Berlin GmbH

Ticket prices:

Summer | Winter

Adults € 7.00 € | 4.00
Adults incl. Cable Car ** 9.90 € | 6.90 €
Reduced * 3.00 € | 2.00 €
Reduced * incl. Cable car ** 5,50 € | 4,50 €

Feierabendticket from 17:00
(Mon.-Fri without cable car and excluding special events) € 4.50
Group adults (from 15 persons, price per person) 6.00 €
Group adults incl. Cable car ** (from 15 persons, price per person) 8,90 €
School classes (max 30 persons, including 2 accompanying persons, please bring your school certificate) 15 €
Free admission: children up to 5 years; an accompaniment of disabled people with B entry

* Pupils with student ID I;
* Severe disability with GDB 50;
* Owner berlinpass (only available at the cash registers)
** including the use of the cable car on the day of the visit for a return trip with a possibility to board and board the Kienberg

Opening hours:
Daily from 9:00 until dusk

Opening hours of the visitor center:
daily from 10:00 to 18:30 (March – October)
daily from 10:00 to 16:00 (November – February)

Opening hours of theme gardens:
daily from 9:00 clock
Japanese Garden weekdays from 12:00, except special events

Closed until the end of March: Oriental Garden, Korean “Seoul Garden”, Japanese Garden, Garden Cabinet Lebanon.
Depending on the weather conditions: themed gardens, International Garden Cabinets and the water gardens of the “Promenade Aquatica”.
Open all year round: Balinese garden in the tropical hall

Cash opening times:
daily from 9:00 clock
until 16:00 (November to February)
until 18:00 (March and October)
until 20:00 (April to September)

All entrances have new automated cash registers that you can use every day.

Public tours take place from April to mid-October.
Meeting point: Visitor center at the main entrance Blumberger Damm
Adults € 7.00, students € 2.50, (plus park entrance)

Registration under:
Runze & Casper GmbH
Telephone: 030 – 280 18 162; fuehrungen@gaerten-der-welt.de

Tourist information:
Shop: In the visitor center
Exhibitions: Regular events
Restaurant / Café: Yes
WC: Yes, also barrier-free toilets
Parking: Yes
Map: Yes
Dogs: Dogs are not allowed in the park.
Bikes: Cycling in the park is not permitted.

The gardens of the world are the only permanent park to bear the logo “Reisen für Alle” and the sign “Berlin Barrier-free”.
The entrances “Blumberger Damm” and “Eisenacher Straße” are barrier-free and can be passed by wheelchair or stroller.
At the entrance “Eisenacher Straße” there are spaces spaces for the disabled.
The individual themed gardens can also be visited by wheelchair or stroller.
Free wheelchair rental: Depending on availability, wheelchairs can be hired at the “Eisenacher Straße” and “Blumberger Damm” entrances.
Since there are only a few wheelchairs available, we strongly advise you to reserve a wheelchair a few days in advance by phone: 030 – 700906-778.

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