Gärten der Welt

2nd Prize:
Gärten der Welt (Germany)

Gardens of the World offers unique opportunities to experience a range of garden styles from different eras and different parts of the world. Every culture regards the garden as a place of peace, beauty and happiness.

Eleven themed gardens allow a journey around the world to Bali, Japan, China, Korea, the Orient and Europe. In addition, the themed gardens are enriched by the water gardens of the “Promenade Aquatica”, the rose garden and the rhododendron grove.

The gardens were extended to more than twice its previous size for the International Garden Exhibition IGA Berlin 2017. Nine smaller gardens were created from Australia, Brazil, Chile, China, Germany, Great Britain, the Lebanon and South Africa. Some are inspired by centuries-old traditions such as the Aboriginal practice of fire-stick farming or the 16th century Chinese garden. Others use modern landscape design to tell stories of mythical figures, such as the fire god Vulcan, or sunken Lebanese gardens. Iconic features from Thailand and the Chilean Andes create atmospheric new landscapes, while others show social and environmental change in Brazil, the USA and Africa.