GARTENFOKUS – Gardens in the South of Poland

In the GARTENFOKUS exhibition series, Stiftung Schloss Dyck and EGHN will show photographs of parks and gardens in the south of Poland. For the first time, GARTENFOKUS has commissioned a photographer specifically for the exhibition. The project is also accepted as a contribution to the European Heritage Year 2018 “Sharing Heritage“.

The work by Ferdinand Graf von Luckner allows exploring a significant (multi-layered) cultural landscape. Representative castle gardens and contemplative spa gardens as well as urban green spaces from the communist era stand next to contemporary garden design of international standing and reflect the historical richness of the cultural landscapes in the south of Poland.

The photographer’s collection is by no means documentary. In addition to the historical and stylistic diversity, the images of Ferdinand von Luckner capture the specific atmosphere of each site. Thus, the exhibition is a journey of discovery in a double sense: it opens the view to the historic, still living garden heritage of a landscape in the heart of Europe and at the same time invites you to immerse yourself in the images of cultivated gardens and hidden treasures.

The idea for this photo exhibition was born within the European Garden Network, in particular in cooperation with the partners Silesia Park in Katowice and Silesian Botanical Garden in Mikolow. The exhibition will also be shown in the Botanical Garden and possibly also in Warsaw.

The photographs and the exhibition were made possible by financial support from the State Chancellery of North Rhine-Westphalia.