Gothenburg Green World: successful festival

The festival „Gothenburg Green World“ is well acclaimed by the organisers and contributors, but even more by the citizens of Gothenburg and the high number of national and international visitors. During the entire year 2016 a big number of events, garden fairs, art installations, art events and much more have shown the green variety in and around Gothenburg, opened new views and offered many opportunities for adventures and active participation.

The four regional EGHN partners have been important contributors and sites for the festival. Gunnebo and the Botanical Garden have been locations for a number of art installations and land art. Tjolöholm and the City Park have been important venues and major visitor attractions too.

Much will continue during the winter, such as the bamboo installation by the Japanese artist Tetsunori Kawana, and many plans for activities in the next years have been inspired by this very interactive, green year.