Inspiring conference in Malmö

On 30 March in Malmö, John Taylor from Sweden, Sarah Price und Fergus Garrett from the United Kingdom, Ingrid Swan from Ireland, Sophie Leguil from France, Scott Stewart of Millennium Park in Chicago, USA, the USA and Cassian Schmidt from Hermannshof (Photo: Cassian Schmidt) in Germany gave presentations on the annual theme “We love plants!”.

The presentations showed a great variety of garden designs and plant concepts and thus even more than just a general love for plants.  It was obvious that inspiring plant concepts do not necessarily require more money, but creative thinking, a profound knowledge about plants and perhaps some courage to take risks.  The flood of pictures shown during the day exposed the great results that can be achieved then in both private and public gardens.

In 2018 the conference, with EGHN being involved as a co-organizer, will be continued in Helsingborg.