Kew Gardens

Kew Gardens (United Kingdom)
1st Prize

Being a historical site, it is fascinating how Kew Gardens during its 250 years of existence is open to society and was never satisfied to work only in preserving the attractivity of the site and its collections, but instead opened its vision and knowledge to a world of knowledge and science.

The collections are curated to excellent standards and used for benefit of humankind (especially in combination with the Millennium Seed Bank at Wakehurst). The gardens at Kew are not only beautiful, but also show the historical and contemporary interaction of the natural and built landscapes with the botanical science conducted within them.

Sharing knowledge and providing high quality education programmes for school groups, apprentices, higher and further education students, professionals, and keen amateurs alike has been proofed to be one of the best ways to guarantee a striving future for the site and nature conservation.

Kew is truly an inspiration for those who work in heritage conservation and gardening as well as for all gardeners and garden lovers.

Kew Laudation by Michael Walker