Parc de la Senne

2nd Prize: “Design or Concept of a Contemporary Park or Garden”

Parc de la Senne (Brussels, Belgium

La Compagnie du Paysage: Jean-Frédéric Gay, Nathalie Melin

This linear park, located in the heart of the Masui district, was the only free space to develop a key public space in the area. It reinforces both the district’s identity and the region’s green network. The park is located over the bed of the covered River Senne.

The new design enables a variety of different atmospheres and represents a perfect response to the concerns of sustainable development. In the end of the implementation process four main sequences will be included:

The ‘Natural Senne’ is structured around a residential sector and enhances the presence of vegetation with its lush greenery.

In the ‘Playful Senne’, where most of the building façades are windowless, the walls are used as backdrops for graphic decoration or as climbing walls.

At the ‘Senne Garden Square’, intersected by infrastructure and public facilities, garden squares serve as transitional spaces and as places for sitting and social contacts.

Community vegetable gardens are laid out in the ‘Cultivated Senne’. As terraces they reinforce the connection towards Parc du 21 Juliet. Their exposures make this a high-quality growing environment for low-income households.

(Image: La Compagnie du Paysage)