Royal Horticultural Society

1st Prize:
Royal Horticultural Society (United Kingdom

Dowmload: Laudation by Prof. Ed Bennis

The Royal Horticultural Society was founded in 1804. Its core objective was and is to be the world’s leading gardening charity by inspiring passion and excellence in the science, art and practice of horticulture. The guiding principles are summarized as “inspire”, „involve“, „inform” and “improve”.

There are five historic gardens owned and operated by the RHS across England: Wisley, Harlow Carr, Rosemoor, Hyde Hall and Bridgewater, due to open in 2020.

These five gardens are the RHS’s key resource for achieving its objectives. They are extremely attractive, diverse and informative. They also need to be understood within the idea of group value and in conjunction with the overall activities of the RHS.

The 1st Prize in the category “Europe’s Heritage of Gardens and Gardening” reflects all this, but in particular the diversity of activities in terms of education, but specifically towards children. Each garden has events, workshops and courses as well as specific activities for children.

The newest garden, RHS Bridgewater, will have dedicated classrooms for children and adults and an exclusive feature, a community garden for local people. This will provide space, encouragement and training in an area that is economically deprived.