Schloss Dyck Foundation receives international award in Portugal

Every year, the “Prémio international terras sem sombra” is awarded in each of the three categories “promotion of music”, “enhancement of cultural heritage” and “conservation of biological diversity” within the framework of the Terras sem sombra music festival. Recipients of this international award can be both a person and an institution. This year, the award went to the Schloss Dyck Foundation in the category “Conservation of biological diversity”.

The decision was made in a prominent international jury, including Count Amalio-Joaquín de Marichalar, who has already prepared various UN environmental summits and is on the Board of Trustees of the European Environment Foundation (EDF). Likewise, Prof. António Lamas, the former president of the Governing Board of the Parque de Sintra (Monte da Lua, Portugal), who gave the laudation for the Schloss Dyck Foundation.

This year’s award was based on the fundamental idea that within the framework of structural change, the art of the gardens and landscape design can be seen as key instruments for structural and tourism policies strengthening our cities and regions, and that parks and gardens are places of  high biodiversity.