Invitation: European Garden Award

This year, there is a change in the concept of the European Garden Award. Following suggestions by some former prize winners and by the EGHN Advisory Board, the award is now always handed out in anticipation of the coming year. Thus, in September 2017 we are awarding the European Garden Award 2018 instead of the European Garden Award 2017.

We hope that with this change that the award can even be better marketed in the new garden season, thus in the coming year. The modification will also be helpful  in communicating the award with the media.

Nevertheless, in 2017, nothing will change in the categories and the number of prices. However, this year’s awarding ceremony will not be held at Schloss Dyck, but at the IGA Berlin 2017 in Berlin.

Details of this event can be found in the PDF of the invitation. Please send an email to feedback@eghn.org if you would like to take part in the event. We can then inform you if we still have seats left.